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Music Producer

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 - ApeMade ( "KongCheng. Her" ), is an established Music Producer who’s been Composing/Producing       music since 2005.

-  Instrumentals ranging from a variety of Contemporary Genres, such as;

-  Hip Hop, R&b, Pop, Jazzy, Funky, Dance etc. 

-  Learn more by visiting the rest of this site. 

About: ApeMade 

  • - ApeMade's  passion for music Compositions and Production, begun in Mid 2005 of August.

  • Over those years since, his natural ability, had grown instantaneously, into unique sounds, style, ideas, and adapting into different Music production skills through experimenting  and gaining experience, when realizing, that he was able to envision the final musical results, with a natural ear.

  • - Since then, he had been expanding services from, "Composing / Production / Mixing / Mastering / Audio Engineering / Sound design / Song Writing / Ghost Writing" /  as well as a Hip-Hop vocalist to experiment, since, the discovery of the passion in music.

  • Standing with self motivation,  confidence,  through a small circle of his supporters, basically,  having fun when creating, mainly to overcome any emotions needing to expressing through sounds, felt in the presence timeline, impact the way he had developed growth with in music production , Becoming, an adaptive Music Composer/Producer/Writer,  that could effort the whole 9 yards, making a name for himself, in the local music scenes. 

  • - Whether if he's arranging mixing, collaborating, writing, or composing/producing music, you can count on ApeMade, to create unique musical track compositions, that will guarantee to sound spectacular! 


  • - If you’d like what you hear, and if you have any interested in purchasing Instrumentals, Service inquiries , Licencing opportunities , with ApeMade to become your Music Composer TODAY!

  • Please feel free to contact below!


  • *( NOTE )* - ALL Instrumentals below are available for Licencing Opportunities (Placements) submissions or for purchasing


  • : PLEASE CONTACT BY VIA EMAIL** For Idmediate assistance for any payment issues. Ones with out a price are Exclusive offers only and ones with pricing, are availible to purchase.


  • Please contact by Via Email for further Contracting Licencing  and or any questions you may have

  • Please Continue to learn more and see what kind of instrumentals are in his Catalog,

"For Music Licencing, T.V/Film Opportunities" 

Original Composed/Produced: Tracks, for immediate "Exclusive/Lease - Licencing" 

  • - As an experienced Music Producer, ApeMade , can help offer creative perspectives and keen ear to your music in meaningful, and productive ways. Whether it’s polishing off an album, or structuring the final touches on a single song, tracks for certain appeals,  ApeMade , can lead you with the final steps, towards professionally produced compositions/Tracks. 


  • ~ Please continue to scroll through, to see what he has to offer. 


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Reggae Contemporary Instrumentals

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